Winter is great time of the year to reduce and or eliminate mosquito breeding sites. It is easier to see issues. Clean up around your house and adjoining properties by removing plastic bottles, soda cans and even bottle tops.  Rake up and remove fallen leaves and limbs from your property.  Leaves such as Magnolia leaves are quite capable of holding water for breeding mosquitoes.  In September 2016 Miami Beach Botanical gardens removed over 2,000 bromeliads from their 2.6 acre property, because the leaf axils serve as mosquito breeding areas. Oak leaves have fallen by this time of year and provide a nice rich environment for mosquitoes to bread in items such as gutters, which may become clogged from the leaves. Repair gutters that are holding water and make sure flower pots and saucers are not holding water.  Cap metal fence polls and anything else that can trap water.  The Gulf Coast including Fairhope Alabama area Is a high risk area for Heartworm, so please place your pets are on medications for this.

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